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The Peerless Charm client is a stylish independent millenial. They strive for growth in every way: professional, spiritual, and in their personal life. They are interested in wellness, yoga, and crystal healing. They are deeply concerned about the issues in the world, and are passionate about human rights, but they also love all things pretty. They don't want to dress like everyone else, but also keep tabs on current styles. They have a unique sense of style: organic yet refined. They are a style influencer, even if only in their circle. Does this sound like your client? Peerless Charm creates ethically sourced crystal jewelry for humans full of love, style, and a dash of sass. To shop Peerless Charm wholesale, you must be a brick-and-morter or online retailer. To set up your wholesale account, and bring your clients the latest Peerless Charm designs, email If you wish to shop our retail products visit

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